George N. Satlas


George N. Satlas


Professional Experience

George N. Satlas is PRE’s Chief Information Officer. In this role, he leads a focused proactive team with the objective of shaping the quality of the strategic choices PRE makes in a fast moving environment.   The team deals with projects that are considered crucial for PRE and are expected to deliver both in real returns and in market positioning. Intellectual undependability, sturdy data collection and analysis aim to redesign the company’s strategy as a whole.  Apart from PRE’s key lines of business, the team examines a wide spectrum of geographic areas and functional capabilities. George joined PRE in October 2017.

Prior to joining PRE, George used to work in the financial industry with a specialty across multiple areas of investments. He has held various key roles in subsidiaries of all four systemic Greek banks where he exceled with his drive and ability to push teams accomplishing tough targets. Both C-level executive positions and senior ones crafted a profile that is hard to beat and ensures delivery. Being curious thoughtful and engaged, George is open to new ideas and don’t believe that the old ways are always better just because they’re established.



National Technical University of Athens, Mechanical Engineer

University of Strathclyde, MBA