Manage qualification and sales of properties

The expertise of Piraeus Real Estate (PRE) in real estate extends across a diverse variety of services, from the property’s qualification to be sold to the sale itself. There are two separate areas of interest.

A. Property Commercialization processes

  • Legal and notary thorough checks
  • Technical check and identification of issues related to unauthorized construction hindering monetization of properties
  • Autopsies, property visits for marketing, preparation of promotional material (asset sale targeted descriptions, marketing media)
  • Asset maturity process
  • Outsourcing operations and maintenance management, property cleanings


B. Property Sales through multiple channels

  • Direct Sales through a dynamic PRE clientele
  • Network Sales through the Piraeus Bank branches network
  • Auction property sales, both open and silent, through invitation
  • E-auction property sales, through property4sale platform
  • Connected brokerage network sales throughout the country