Electronic Auction of Piraeus Bank Properties

Piraeus Real Estate (PRE) through properties4sale, incorporates up-to-date day digital technology so as to offer potential buyers and investors a neat and effective way of buying a property or a piece of land, without the hassle and drawbacks of traditional private property sales process. The promoted listings are owned by Piraeus Bank and PRE as a specialist in the field, has undertaken all necessary checks and actions to ensure reduced timescales and a smooth transaction after the completion of the auction.

From the initial promotion till the finalization of contracts, the procedure is characterized by convenience and accessibility that enhances the number of interested buyers who become attracted by the security and transparency that the e-auction entails. In addition, the offered option of Piraeus Bank to finance the transaction enriches the buyers’ options and supports the success of the process. The properties offered vary from residential, land (inside or outside urban planning zone), offices, retail, industrial, hotels, or mixed use buildings.