Property Valuations

Based on a team of highly trained, accredited and qualified valuers, Piraeus Real Estate Management provides thorough valuation, advisory and consulting services for real estate lenders, owners and investors. By combining specialized expertise and prime technologies, PRE thrives to produce industry-leading valuation reports and analysis for a vast variety of assets.

PRE is fully aligned with the fact that accurate and reliable valuations are the first step to every successful real estate investment. The idea is to offer clients unique perspectives and access to one of the largest domestic valuation database with proprietary data.

PRE utilizes the extensive experience gained throughout various valuation projects, along with the development of premier technology to deliver accurate results across advisory, consulting and valuation services for a vast variety of property assets.

The Valuations Department undertakes amongst others for the following:

  • Property Valuations for financial lending purposes
  • Property and Asset Valuations for Companies’ Financial Management and Consultancy
  • Property Valuations for leases
  • Valuations for investment purposes, as well as for Real Estate development projects
  • Market Research based on property type, geography, etc
  • Strategic Planning Reports for Asset and Property portfolio management, including researches for the property marketability scoring, portfolio maturity, etc


Indicatively PRE’s services spreads over a wide variety of property types, namely:

Commercial, Office, Residential, Retail, Industrial and Logistics, Mixed Use, Agricultural, Hotels and Resorts, Student Housing, Healthcare etc

PRE is regulated by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors)